D205 Community Response Fund

In response to the the COVID-19 outbreak, the District 205 Foundation has launched its Community Response Fund.  With your philanthropic support, this fund will allow us to rapidly deploy flexible resources to Elmhurst schools and community based organizations who are at the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We recognize in this time of uncertainty, that some people are looking for ways to stay connected and involved in our vibrant and strong community.  It is our intention to give our Elmhurst residents a safe and effective way to directly support the unique needs of our students and their families.

The D205 Foundation's COVID-19 Community Response Fund will provide grant funding in three critical areas:

  1. Food security for D205 students & their families
  2. Elearning resources & materials
  3. D205 family support and gap funding

The strength & generosity of the Elmhurst community during this unprecedented time has been overwhelming. The D205 Foundation's Community Response Fund has raised over $50,000 since its inception.  To date, we have made the following grants to support our students and their families:

1. $15,000 to the United Community Concerns Association (UCCA) to provide gift cards to D205 families who need help to purchase daily essentials.

2. $5,000 to the Northern Illinois Food bank to host 3 mobile food pantries over the next month in the Churchville parking lot for D205 families.

3. $9,500 for food distribution for D205 families in need during the week of Spring Break when food service is not available.

4. $10,000 to the Yorkfield Food Pantry to provide weekly care packages for families over the next 8 weeks.

5. $10,000 to the Elmhurst Walk-In Assistance Network to support emergency relief to Elmhurst families in financial crisis

We will continue to collect donations for the Community Response Fund and deploy resources to organizations working on the front lines to help support D205 students and their families throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

The District 205 Foundation is a privately funded non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovation and excellence for Elmhurst Public School students. 

We flood our schools with innovative resources to ensure engaged learning at all levels across the entire district.  This volunteer organization provides grants to fund projects and initiatives that go beyond the school budget.  As new and emerging needs arise as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we feel its imperative to expand our mission to support both the educational and economical challenges facing our students and their families.  

To learn more about our organization and leadership, please visit our website.


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